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Stop Bolsonaro (English)



The fraudulent elections of Jair Bolsonaro in 2018, engineered with fake news and with the fraudulent imprisonment of his greatest opponent, Lula da Silva, had turned Brazil into a proto-fascist, military junta, that has placed the Amazon, the rule of law and millions of human lives in danger.

The actions and policies of the Bolsonaro government are a continuation of the anti-democratic movement that culminated in the parliamentary coup against President Dilma Rousseff in 2016.

An opponent of science, Bolsonaro and his followers deny the existence of Global Warming and his cabinet ministers make decisions based not on science, but on obscure religious doctrines. He is also an anti-environmentalist, supporting the use of banned pesticides by Brazilian ranchers and loggers, which has led to a skyrocketing increase in the deforestation of the Amazon and the destruction of its natural resources.

Bolsonaro has also approved the use of violence by the police and the parapolice in urban cities against the poor and Afro-Brazilian populations, while loosening gun control regulation by the civil population.

His racist comments against Afro-Brazilians, his hate speeches against women, LGBT+ and Brazilian leftists, as well as his being an apologist for the military dictatorship and its use of torture are reprehensible. He has also incited intolerance and violence by his alt-right followers against his many opponents.

Schools and their staff, public universities and professors, the press and members of scientific and cultural institutions are under constant threat of government spending cuts, as well as political persecution. The legislative and judicial branches are under constant attack by the executive branch, parts of the government that weren’t always committed to guaranteeing the proper functioning of the rule of law.

Brazil has suffered greatly from the covid19 pandemic, thanks to Bolsonaro’s horrendous public health policies and totally ineffective leadership. Today more than 50, 000 people have died, and more than 1 million Brazilians are infected, turning the country into a world pandemic epicenter. The indigenous people population are the most vulnerable group, but Bolsonaro has shown absolutely no empathy for their many lost lives. During Brazil’s worst health crisis ever, the government has lacked an adequate health minister for over a month, replacing the qualified minister with an army officer with no background or specialization in public health policies to handle the rapidly spreading pandemic.

Bolsonaro has also threatened to leave the OMS and different from the world leaders approach he implements a neoliberal economic agenda that instead of offering support to those most affected by the pandemic, promotes the privatizations of the essential public companies, the destruction of the welfare system and the annihilation of workers’ rights. For this government, the economy simply comes before the life of its people.

For all these reasons and more international solidarity with the anti-Bolsonaro forces in Brazil is indispensable now.

Brazil needs our help, so we encourage all of its friends to ask international institutions as well as public individuals to demand that Brazilian institutions to stop and remove the criminal government of Jair Bolsonaro in accordance with the laws enshrined in Brazil’s constitution.

For humanitarian reasons, we say Enough!

Stop Bolsonaro! Out with Bolsonaro!

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